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roadside service add-ons for

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  Plus RV® & Premier RV® Membership
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AAA RV and Trailer roadside service is 100 miles of towing protection for AAA Plus and AAA Premier members who travel in a motor home, pickup truck with camper or travel trailer. With Plus RV or Premier RV, towing is also provided for trailers. Covered trailer types include: boat, personal watercraft, ATV, utility, unoccupied livestock, snowmobile and motorcycle. Plus RV and Premier RV membership provides up to four service calls for either trailer, RVs or other vehicles per membership year.

AAA Plus RV and AAA Premier RV include:

  • Up to 100 miles of towing for AAA Plus RV &
    one 200 miles of towing for AAA Premier RV
  • Flat tires service
  • Vehicle locksmith
    • up to $100 for Plus RV
    • up to $150 for Premier RV
  • Emergency fuel delivery - free fuel
  • Double extrication service - 2 vehicles/2 drivers
  • Car Travel Interruption
    • up to $1,000 for Plus RV
    • up to $1,500 for Premier RV

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*You must be a AAA Plus or Premier member to be eligible for RV. For non-commercial or personal use only. Battery jump-start not available for motorcycles. Dues rates are not pro-rated. Member must pay for full year regardless of member’s expiration date. RV dues are based on length in addition to your Plus or Premier dues. There is a 3-day waiting period for Emergency Road Service benefits to begin. Cannot exceed trailer load maximum weight. Livestock must be removed prior to towing. Members requesting Emergency Road Service outside of FL, GA and TN will be serviced by an affiliate AAA Club based on that club’s servicing guidelines. Plus RV and Premier RV members’ service calls are included in their four roadside service entitlements per membership year.

AAA will dispatch vehicles to provide service to you on the road in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. For service outside this territory, please submit receipts for qualified service acquired for reimbursement. A claim form is located on under Contact Us.