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AAA Approved Auto Repair
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Approved Auto Repair (AAR)?
Approved Auto Repair is a AAA member benefit designed to help direct a member to a pre-screened reputable automobile repair facility for quality auto repairs. AAR facilities sign agreements to provide reliable, high-quality service performed by ASE certified technicians, to perform free maintenance inspections for members who schedule service and to abide by AAA decisions in service disputes.
Q: Are AAR facilities the same as contractors that provide towing services for AAA?
Sometimes. The contractors who tow for AAA make up the Road Service Network, and if they have a repair facility and meet AAA's high standards and requirements, they can become an Approved Auto Repair facility.
Q: If a shop has a "AAA" sign out front, does that mean they are AAA approved for repairs?
As long as the sign reads, "Approved Auto Repair."
Q: How long has AAR been available to members? And how do I find an approved facility?
AAR was established in 1975 in limited areas. It has been expanded to more than 7,900 AAA Approved Repair facilities in the United States and Canada. The program is available in all AAA territory. Contact your local branch, or call toll-free 1-800-AAA-HELP, or use the website at to find the facility nearest you.
Q: What are the standard requirements for an AAR facility?
AAR facilities are required to provide members with: Free maintenance inspection for items most commonly related to roadside breakdowns which include tires, belts and hoses. 12-month/12,000-mile warranty for parts and labor on work done, for a minimum of 12 months or 12,000 miles (for most repairs, unless otherwise noted). Returned Parts: When parts are replaced, upon request the old parts will be returned to you if they do not have to be sent back to the manufacturer for warranty or exchange. Guaranteed estimate either verbally or in writing (local and state regulations will take precedence regarding notification of repair costs). Dispute Resolution: Should a disagreement arise between you and an AAR facility, AAA will investigate the claims and seek a resolution. AAA's recommendation will automatically be accepted by the repair facility but you will not be bound by the decision.
Q: What is the benefit of AAR to the AAA member?
AAA screens each facility for reliability, honesty, fair pricing, cleanliness, training of staff and stands behind the repairs performed, and will assist the member in the event of a dispute regarding those repairs.
Q: What types of repairs are performed by AAR facilities?
AAR facilities must minimally offer most general repairs. Offering more specialized repairs such as transmission work is optional.
Q: Is a member entitled to a discount on repairs if they go to an AAR facility?
Not necessarily. Offering a member a discount for repairs is up to each individual facility.
Q: What types of repair facilities belong to AAR?
The AAR network is made up of a combination of new car dealers and independent repair facilities. Some NAPA AutoCare facilities may be a part of the network. There is a distinct difference between NAPA AutoCare Centers and NAPA Auto Parts stores. NAPA Auto Parts stores sell parts and accessories only and offer discounts to AAA members as part of the AAA National program. Whereas, NAPA AutoCare Centers are independent auto repair facilities and do not sell parts and accessories.
Q: Are these shops only inspected the one time to gain entry into the AAR program?
No. The shops undergo an annual re-inspection in an effort to uphold AAA's high standards.
Q: How does AAA know the shop continues to perform quality repairs?
ACS has an ongoing facility service evaluation feedback system in place. The quality of service our member receives is constantly monitored.