Travel Accident Insurance for AAA Travel

As a AAA member, you receive Travel Accident Insurance coverage automatically when your trip is arranged and purchased through your AAA Travel Agency. Coverage levels are $100,000 for Classic, $300,000 for Plus and $500,000 for Premier.

This program covers you for accidental loss of life, limbs, sight, speech or hearing while traveling in a common carrier when the transportation is arranged through The Auto Club Group.

Common Carrier means any land, water, or air conveyance operated by those whose occupation or business is the transportation of persons without discrimination and for hire. One hundred percent of the benefit also applies while traveling in a common carrier or a private passenger automobile directly to or from a terminal, station or airport, immediately before or after scheduled arrival or departure, and while traveling in a rental car whose lease has been arranged through the local AAA Travel Agency along with any airline or common carrier transportation.


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For complete description including terms, conditions and exclusions, consult the online membership handbook.