Inside Your FREE 24-Point Inspection

As you may have heard, we talk a lot about the value of the free 24-point inspections available to members at all AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities. This great incentive—a $24.99 value—will help you keep your vehicle running soundly, and is just another example of how AAA gets you from point A to point B safely.

How It Works
The free inspection is available at any AAR shop. You can locate AAR facilities in your area with our shop locator. When you take your car in for a free 24-point inspection, let your mechanic know you are a AAA member and an ASE-certified technician will inspect your vehicle.

Inspection Points
Exterior Components — This ensures that wiper blades, mirrors, the horn, and all lights are functioning properly.

Lubricant and Fluid Levels — Your technician will check the levels of your engine oil, transmission, power steering, brake, clutch, washer and coolant fluids.

Battery — Confirms all cables, clamps, and the built-in hydrometer are working correctly. Ensuring your battery is properly connected and charged will help you avoid being stranded later down the road.

Belts/Pulleys — This is a check of the alternator, air conditioning, power steering, water pump, air pump, belts and belt tensioner. With temperatures heating up, it's important to ensure these are working properly—especially that air conditioner!

Hoses — The mechanic will assess the radiator, heater, bypass, power steering, transmission coolant, vacuum and under-hood fuel hose—looking for any cracks and leaks.

Finishing Up — While you're there, they will also check your air filter, PCV valve, intake preheat duct, radiator cooling fans, tire pressure, tread depth and general vehicle condition.

If any of these items need to be addressed, the Approved Auto Repair shop will provide a guaranteed written estimate for any repairs that need to be made. As a member, you can choose to have this work done at the Approved Auto Repair shop, or you may take this estimate to a shop of your choosing. Don't forget, you can earn AAA Dollars or get an instant 10% AAA discount on labor at participating AAR shops–another great member benefit!

To learn more about AAA Approved Auto Repair, click here.

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