Uninsured Motorists Can Cost You Plenty

Nearly one in every six cars on the road with you is uninsured. Nationally, one in six drivers is likely uninsured, according to the Insurance Research Council—and in some states, the rate of uninsured drivers is one in three. The report showed a strong correlation between being unemployed and uninsured.

Unfortunately, our own backyard and contiguous states have high numbers of uninsured motorists, making it financially disastrous if an uninsured driver crashes into you and you have no coverage.

"I was hit from behind on the highway, and my car crossed two lanes into and through the coils in the median strip," said Jacqueline Corbett of Durham, NC. "She hit me very hard, and she had no driver's license, no insurance, no anything."

Fortunately, Miss Corbett, a AAA member, had uninsured motorist's protection with AAA.

"I paid my car (a 2003 Nissan Altima) off on a Friday, and she hit me the following Wednesday. If I didn't have that insurance, I couldn't replace my car or pay my doctor or anything," she said. "I think it is essential to have."

Protect Yourself
In order to properly protect yourself, review the current level of uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage on your auto policy. These limits should be at least as high as bodily injury or property damage limits.

Relatively inexpensive, this coverage provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is ample coverage if an uninsured motorist hits you.

How would your life change if hit by one of these irresponsible motorists? How would you make mortgage or car payments if you were permanently injured? Most Americans have less than three months worth of living expenses saved.

One call to an insurance professional can minimize this threat. Click here for a free quote, call 1-888-986-4222 or visit a AAA office near you.

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