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PROMise logoEveryone wants prom night to be memorable. It’s a rite of passage—a celebration of the end of high school and the beginning of adulthood. Unfortunately, one bad decision can make this special night memorable in all the wrong ways.

AAA PROMise is a program offered by the Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation to protect teens and everyone else on the roadways during prom and graduation season.

AAA PROMise asks teens to make the responsible decision never to get behind the wheel impaired and to make sure their friends do the same. Parents should reinforce with their teen that nothing is more important than his/her safety. If a teen needs help getting home and reaches out to his/her parents, AAA will be there to tow the family vehicle home.

By making the AAA PROMise, teens commit to making the right decision when it comes to underage drinking, drugs and impaired driving.

Make the

  • I promise not to drink alcohol or take drugs.
  • I promise not to drive impaired.
  • I promise not to let my friends drive impaired.
  • I promise my parents I will get home safely or call them for help.

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Did You Know?

The AAA Teen Survey on AAA PROMise issues was conducted in January and February of 2015. Nearly 1500 teens ages 16 to 19 who recently graduated or are currently attending high school were surveyed in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin:

  • 31% of high school teens report it is likely that they or their friends will be under the influence of drugs or alcohol sometime during prom or graduation season
  • 87% of teens believe their peers are likely to drive impaired instead of calling their parent or guardian for help because they are afraid of getting in trouble
  • 30% of teens know other teens who have gotten DUIs for impaired driving
  • 19% of teens have ridden in a car with an impaired driver
  • 21% of teens have called their parents at least once to pick them up because either they or their ride was impaired
  • 22% of teens have been allowed by their parent or guardian to drink alcohol more than once

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