Consumer Repair Guide

  This online brochure is designed to help you have a better understanding of the procedures used to repair a vehicle today, the skills and experiences your technician has, and how you can partner with your repair facility to keep your vehicle on the road.

Section 1: Introduction   Section 9: Information to share with technicians
Section 2: What's a computer doing under my hood? Section 10: Computer Diagnosis: Another term for rip-off?
Section 3: Not your father's auto mechanic Section 11: What should I know about estimates?
Section 4: What does certification mean? Section 12: Preventing Misunderstandings
Section 5: Finding the root cause of the common problem Section 13: Improving your "Shop Talk"
Section 6: Finding a repair facility you can trust Section 14: When repairs are complete
Section 7: Better communication translates to better service Section 15: How does a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility protect me?
Section 8: Problem descriptions that are useful to the technician Section 16: Conclusion