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Safety’s always in season.
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Seniors Seniors
Tools and tips to keep mature drivers safe.
Parents & Teens Parents & Teens
Important steps for teens as they learn to drive.
Parents & Kids Parents & Kids
Keep your kids safer on the road and at school.
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Traffic Safety Foundation

For more than a century, AAA has been a leader in the efforts to make our roadways safer and help reduce the numbers of people who are killed or injured in traffic crashes.

The Traffic Safety Foundation is committed to reducing traffic crashes, injuries and deaths.

Learn more about our efforts. 
Be Safe - Buckle Up Video 
Pedestrian Safety Video
Traffic Safety Foundation

Online Driving School 

Learning to Drive, Points Reduction, and Mature Driver courses are available in our virtual classroom.
Check availability in your area

Approved Driving School Network 

Stay safe behind the wheel & sharpen your driving skills. AAA approved for all drivers.
Check for schools in your state

School’s Open Drive Carefully

Watch out for children. Helpful tips for everyone.
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AAA School Safety Patrol 

Order materials, watch videos and browse helpful resources.
Safety starts here

Distracted Driving 

Cell phones and texting while driving put you and others at risk.
Prevention methods
AAA/Strayer Cognitive (mental) Distractions

Bicycle Safety 

Everything from bicycle basics to helmet safety tips.
Kickstands up

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Safety Statistics

Safety is at the heart of all we do at AAA. Click here to find more resources from our Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation.

Safety Matters Printable Material

ACG Traffic Safety Foundation
Keeping You Safe Along Life’s Road

Alcohol & Drugged Driving
One Drink May Be Too Many 
First a Friend, Then a Host
Bad Influence - Impaired Driving Booklet
Great Pretenders Party Guide

Bicycle Safety
Bike ID Cards 
Fitting Your Bike Helmet 
Bicycles are Vehicles Florida 
Bicycles are Vehicles Georgia 
Bicycles are Vehicles Tennessee
Share the Road 
So Your Child Wants a Bike 
Bike Safety - Bookmark 
Bike Basics

Child Passenger Safety 
Using The Right Car Seat 
Fragile, Transport Safely 
Child Safety Seat Guidelines & Laws 
Tips For Safety School Bus Riding 
School Bus Driving Tips 
Danger Zones Poster 
Halloween Tips
  Distracted Driving 
Cognitive Distraction 
10 Tips for Managing Driver Distractions 
Distracted Driving is Dangerous Driving

Pedestrian Safety 
Safe Walking Tips 
The Safest Route to School 
Walking Safety 

Safety Matters 
What to Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down 
Freeway Driving 
Get a Grip 
How To Go On Snow And Ice 
Gas Watchers Guide 
Your Driving Costs 
Road Rage/Aggressive Driving 
Join the AAA School Safety Patrol program
Street Smarts
Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation Flyer  
  Senior Safety & Mobility  
Flexibility Training 
Drivers 65 Plus: Check Your Own Performance Postcard 
Smart Features for Older Drivers: Vehicle List 
Smart Features for Older Drivers Brochure 
Driver Planning Agreement 
On the Go

Teen Driver Safety 
So Your Teen Wants A Car 
Becoming A New Driver 
Welcoming Your New Driver Postcard 
Take the Pledge

Parent-Teen Agreement Video

Distracted Driving - The Final Goodbye Video

Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Highlights
Learn more about this Lifesaving program.
AAA School Safety Patrol
AAA School Safety Patrol
Valuable tools and resources for not only TEENS but Parents/ Legal Guardians as well.
Responsibility matters!
Tow To Go
Car seat installation videos
Car Seat Videos
Protecting Teens on Prom night.
AAA Promise
Become an Even Safer Driver. AAA Can Help.
Senior Driving
Florida No Texting and Driving Law Effective Oct. 1.
Not Texting and Driving Law Effective Oct. 1
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Florida)
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up!
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Georgia)
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up!
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Tennessee)
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up!
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Spanish)
Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up!

Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Florida)

Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Georgia)

Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Tennessee)

Tony Dungy: Be Safe. Buckle Up! (Spanish)