High-Yield Checking Facts and Fees

We’re not into keeping the details hidden behind a curtain. That’s why we’ve laid out all the facts and fees associated with our High-Yield Checking Account.

Facts Fee
Monthly service Fee
Some accounts require a monthly fee–not this one.
Overdraft Item/Non-sufficient Funds Fee
We’ll charge this to you if we pay for a transaction that you made but couldn’t pay for due to insufficient funds
$33.00 per item
Return Item Fee
A return item fee is charged when we must return a transaction you’ve made (i.e. a check you’ve written from an account with insufficient funds)
$33.00 per item
Return Deposited Item Fee
This fee is charged if a check you have deposited is returned unpaid
$10.00 per item
Continuous Overdraft Fee
This fee is charged if your account is overdrawn and you don’t replenish the credited funds in a timely manner
$5 after 3 business days; $5.00/day thereafter
Stop Payment Fee
If you request a payment not to be paid
Dormant Account Fee
If the activity in your account has slowed (i.e. you haven’t logged in or made a transaction in 24 months)
Early Account Closure
If you close your account within the first 6 months, you’ll be charged this fee
$30 plus forfeiture of opening premium
Overdraft Fees
From Personal Line of Credit
Insufficient funds will be covered by an approved variable rate loan that you can pay down or continue to use up to the approved amount
$10.00 per transaction
From Checking/Savings/Money Market
If you have another account with us, and have authorized an automatic transfer in case of an overdraft, your insufficient funds will be covered by money in another account
$10.00 per transaction
Account Services
Cashier’s Check Fee (customers only)
A check that’s guaranteed by our bank
Account Reconciliation Assistance
What we charge to help you balance your checkbook
$30.00 per hour ($30 minimum charge)
Account Research
What we charge if you request us to research your account
$30.00 per hour plus costs ($30 minimum charge)
Debit or ATM Card Replacement
Replace your card for a small fee
Rush Order for Debit or ATM Card
If you need a new Debit or ATM Card rush ordered
Foreign ATM Usage
$3.00 per transaction**
Foreign Currency Conversion
Wire Transfers
Another way to send money from one account to another
Wire Transfer Fee (incoming, domestic)
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing, domestic)
Wire Transfer Fee (incoming, international)
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing, international)


**To qualify must make at least 12 debit card purchases of $5 or more, make one direct deposit or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment of at least $200 and receive electronic statements each cycle month. There is no penalty for not qualifying in a given cycle.

*We may charge an international service fee equal to 2% of the amount of the transaction on any international transaction, such as a withdrawal from an ATM outside the United States (for example, an internet purchase from a foreign merchant). This fee applies regardless of whether the transaction occurs in U.S. Dollars.

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