Wow!  It's great to be a AAA member!  Members receive incomparable savings and benefits through an exclusive package of discounts, rates and benefits from Hertz.  Take a look at the valuable member enhancements:

To receive discounts and benefits, AAA members must provide proof of membership at time of rental by presenting one of the following: valid AAA membership card; Hertz AAA CDP ID card; AAA Visa or AAA MasterCard. AAA CDP # must appear on rental agreement to receive discounts and benefits. Discounts and benefits are subject to change without notice. Benefits do not apply on international or Advantage rentals.

In addition to the exclusive package of benefits for AAA members, Hertz customers receive an array of innovative premier services including:

Member Satisfaction Guarantee
Hertz guarantees that the rate and car class, or a higher car class, will be available as reserved, and the vehicle will be clean and in good mechanical condition. Should a problem exist at time of vehicle pick-up, customer should notify the Rental Representative prior to leaving the rental location and it will be corrected.

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Exclusive rates and discounts
AAA members receive exclusive discounts from 15% to 20% on Hertz Standard Rates and from 10% to 15% on Leisure and Promotional Rates for rentals in U.S. and Canada. Members receive from 5% to 25% on Hertz International Daily Rates and Affordable Weekly Rates.
AAA CDP # must appear on rental agreement to receive discounts and benefits. Benefits do not apply on international rentals. Discounts and benefits are subject to change without notice.

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Free Use of Child Safety Seat
AAA members receive the FREE use of one child, infant or booster seat with every rental. In addition to the savings, additional benefits of this special offer are safety, security and convenience. Members can enjoy the safety and security of knowing the Hertz seats are properly cleaned and maintained. The convenience of using a Hertz child safety seat versus dragging a personal seat along on vacation is a primary consideration. Advance reservations are required and safety seats are subject to availability.

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50% discount off SIRIUS XM Radio®
AAA members receive a 50% discount off the rental fee for SIRIUS XM Radio®, the Best Radio in Radio. Tune in to original music streams from R & B to classical masterpieces, cool jazz, hot Latin, reggae, rock and country; sports play-by-play, world-class news and the best in entertainment, talk and comedy, especially for women, family and kids, traffic and weather at over 50 Hertz locations in the U.S. . From Howard Stern to Martha Stewart, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and in between, there's something for everyone. AAA members receive a 50% discount off the standard $5.00 per day or $20 per week fee plus tax for SIRUS XM. All Hertz Fun Collection vehicles are equipped with SIRIUS XM Radio®. Advance reservations are required and SIRIUS is subject to availability.

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Fuel Purchase Option
Hertz has three refueling options available to meet your needs:

  • You may purchase a tank of gas from Hertz at time of rental and return the vehicle with as little gas as you prefer. Please be aware that we are unable to issue a refund for unused fuel. However, this method eliminates the need for you to refuel the tank prior to returning. AAA members receive a 10% discount off this Fuel Purchase Option.
  • You can let us refuel for you and only pay for the fuel required to replace the fuel you used, and for the service and convenience of refueling the tank.
  • You can stop and refuel the tank yourself, immediately prior to returning the vehicle....
* Different policies apply in the states of Hawaii and Maryland. Check with the renting location for local pricing.

TAXES AND CONCESSION FEES, WHERE APPLICABLE, ARE EXTRA. Refueling and fueling programs are subject to modification or termination. The above fueling options are available at participating locations in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, V.I.

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Hertz Prepaid Rates
Pay Now and Save! Enjoy a discount by prepaying for your rental. Simply click on the "Pay Now" button and let your savings begin! AAA members receive a 10% discount of Prepaid/”Pay Now” rates.

Pay Now rates are available at the following US Airport locations:

Arizona - Phoenix
California - Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose
Colorado - Denver
Florida - Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach
Georgia - Atlanta
Hawaii - Maui (Kahului Airport)
Illinois - Chicago O'Hare
Massachusetts - Boston
Maryland - Baltimore
Michigan - Detroit
Minnesota - Minneapolis
Missouri - St. Louis
New Jersey - Newark Liberty Int'l
New Mexico - Albuquerque
Nevada - Las Vegas
North Carolina - Charlotte
Oregon - Portland
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
Texas - Dallas Ft. Worth, Houston Intercontinental
Utah - Salt Lake City
Washington - Seattle

Prepaid Terms for destination United States:

Changes/Modifications to "Pay Now" rentals are subject to the terms and conditions below.

  1. No refunds or credits for unused rental days.
  2. Prepaid rates cannot be combined with any promotional offer.
  3. Rates exclude vehicle licensing recovery fee, airport facility use fee/customer facility charge, hotel concession fees, other cost recovery fees, governmental surcharges, taxes or other optional items such as child seats, luggage racks, refueling items, insurance, NeverLost or optional refueling. or one-way charges for which the renter may be responsible. Excluded services cannot be prepaid; if accepted, must be paid locally at time of rental.
  4. Changes to a reservation must be done at using the "Modify/Cancel" option. Any changes to the reservation may impact the rental charges. If a prepaid reservation is cancelled more than 24 hours before the pickup time, a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed. If the prepaid reservation is cancelled within 24 hours before the pickup time, a $50 fee will be assessed. If the customer does not cancel the reservation prior to the time of pick-up and the rental vehicle is not picked up on the rental date, the entire prepaid amount will be forfeited.
  5. Approximate rental charges are based on available information at the time of reservation for renters age 25 and older. For minimum age requirements please see "Rental Qualifications and Requirements" link below for details. Please note that for renters under age 25 an additional daily age differential charge may apply. Additional fees or surcharges may be applied at time of rental.
  6. The customer will be asked to enter a valid credit card number at the end of a change to a prepaid reservation. This must be the same credit card that was used for the original reservation. If the customer wishes to change the credit card, then the original reservation must be cancelled (see terms and conditions for Cancellations) and a new reservation made.
  7. Standard rental qualifications and rental period restrictions apply.
  8. CDP: A CDP code can be added to a reservation. However, there may be circumstances in which this CDP code is linked to a negotiated discount or rate that does not match Hertz retail prepaid rates. In this circumstance, the customer will see the error message: 'No prepaid available'. The customer may cancel the original reservation (see terms and conditions for Cancellations) and make a new reservation adding the CDP number.
  9. A valid drivers license and credit card must be presented at the time of rental to cover any reasonably anticipated charges which have not been included in the prepaid voucher.
  10. All rentals are subject to Hertz standard terms and conditions of the Hertz Rental Agreement in effect at time and place of rental.
  11. Rental days are based on 24 hour periods commencing at time of pickup. Additional days will apply if the rental is kept longer than specified (additional days begin after a 29 minute grace period and will be billed at a higher rate).
  12. This program is available at participating cities/locations.
  13. Voluntary upgrades will be charged at locally applicable rates.
  14. Please print your prepay confirmation and present at the counter.
  15. Debit cards and Hertz Credit Cards are not valid forms of payment for prepaid rates.
  16. Prepaid rates are subject to availability.
  17. LIS cannot be provided for rentals in excess of 30 days in certain states, including CA, NY, FL, TX, NC and RI.
  18. Please note that due to the nature of the prepaid rates, Hertz cannot provide a single receipt for a prepaid rental. Two receipts will be provided - one receipt for the prepaid amount and one receipt for the remainder of charges payable at the counter.
  19. Your Hertz Prepaid Rental will appear on your credit card statement as 'HERTZ PREPAYMENT'.

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Reduced fee for NeverLost®
AAA members pay a rental fee of $6.99 per day for Hertz' in-car navigational system, NeverLost. Advance reservations are required and NeverLost is subject to availability. All Prestige Collection vehicles are equipped with NeverLost.

Exclusively in NeverLost, access AAA Diamond ratings on hotels and restaurants plus both written and audio Attraction details. NeverLost provides members the peace of mind of traveling with a companion that can get you where you want to go in the most time-and cost-efficient manner available. AAA members will never be lost again!

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No Additional Driver Charge
No charge for additional drivers who are AAA/CAA members, hold a major credit card in their own name and meet standard rental qualifications. Additional drivers who are not members are charged a daily fee of up to $15. Why should you pay for friends that are traveling with you to help with the driving? You shouldn't, and as a AAA member, you won't!

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No Saturday Night Keep Required
AAA members are not required to keep the vehicle over a Saturday night to qualify for low weekly rates. Leisure and/or promotional weekly rates routinely require that the car be rented over Saturday night. Exceptions may apply on special offers.

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No Airline Ticket Required
No airline ticket is required for AAA members to qualify for low weekly rates on local rentals at most airport locations. Frequently, Hertz, and most car rental companies, require that renter have a return airline ticket to qualify for low weekly rates.

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Guaranteed Best Rate Available
AAA members will receive the best Hertz rate available at time of reservation by chosen booking channel.

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50% discount off Hertz #1 Club Gold on
AAA members can join Hertz' premier frequent renter program, Hertz #1 Club Gold, at a 50% discount when enrolling on-line only at Enjoy the membership privileges at more than 40 major airports around the waiting in line, nothing to sign, your name and car location in lights with the vehicle waiting in a weather-protected #1 Club Gold area. Just get in, show your driver's license at the exit gate and drive away. At over 1,000 additional locations around the world you'll enjoy the faster, easier way to rent a car without the need to ever repeat your rental information again. With a 2 hour advance reservation, your paperwork and vehicle will be waiting at your destination.

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AAA Premier Members Receive Free Hertz #1 Club Gold
Hertz offers AAA Premier level members a free membership for one year in its’ highly acclaimed frequent renter program, Hertz #1 Club Gold. Enroll on the Premier page on to receive free membership and rent at least 3 times annually to continue your free membership beyond one year. Hertz #1 Club Gold offers exceptional benefits, including never having to repeat required rental information PLUS the speed and convenience of bypassing the rental counter. (Minimum 2 hour advance reservation required.)

There may be a seven (7) day waiting period after joining AAA Premier before membership is verified to join Hertz #1 Club Gold. Premier level membership is not available at all clubs and some clubs with Premier membership may not offer this benefit. Contact your local club for confirmation.

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Free Unlimited Mileage on Most Rentals
AAA members will receive free unlimited mileage on most rentals. Exceptions may occur in some locations, particularly on specialty vehicles such as SUV's, mini-vans, etc.

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Exclusive Money-Savings Offers
Hertz offers AAA members money-saving promotional offers in club bi- monthly magazines and/or newsletters, in major consumer newspapers and on Check each issue of your club publication, your member electronic newsletter, or Current Exclusive AAA Offers” on this site for special offers, e.g., upgrades, $'s off, etc.
Promotional Coupon (PC) # must be included in the reservation.

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Exclusive Upgrade and $'s Off Coupons
Hertz frequently offers AAA members special upgrade coupons as well as dollars off coupons. Coupons, or offers not requireing a coupon are available from AAA travel offices, in club publications and on this site.
Promotional Coupon (PC) # must be included in the reservation.

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Online Rental 10 Minute Guarantee
At the top 50 U.S. airports, Hertz will serve select customers in 10 minutes or less – guaranteed.  Customers will be informed during their phone or online booking that they qualify for the Online Check-In Guarantee. Qualifying customers will rent at Hertz Self-Service Express kiosks or Hertz Express counters. If customers wait longer than 10 minutes from their arrival at the facility to the time they receive their rental agreement, they will receive a $50 credit on their rental.

This exciting initiative is an exclusive Hertz offering that makes its' customers' overall rental experience faster and more convenient.

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Acceptable Charge Cards
American Express / MasterCard / Carte Blanche / Diners Club / Discover / Hertz Card / JCB / Visa / Optima Amex

At time of rental you will need to present (1) a current driver's license and (2) a valid credit or charge card in the renter's name or a qualified debit/check card.

Credit cards must have available credit for the estimated amount of rental charges plus an additional $200 to cover incidentals (unanticipated additional charges).  

At most Hertz locations, debit cards (sometimes called check cards) issued under a VISA or MasterCard logo which draws funds directly from the cardholder's account, may be used to qualify for rental.  Debit/check cards must have the available funds for the estimated amount of the rental plus an additional $200 to cover incidentals (unanticipated additional charges) in order to secure the rental.  Use of a debit card to rent is subject to review of your credit history upon arrival at rental location. A confirmation of your reservation does not mean that your debit/check card is acceptable to Hertz.

Stored value/prepaid/gift cards are not acceptable to qualify for rental, however, these cards issued under a VISA or MasterCard logo may be used as a form of payment when you return the vehicle.

Please contact the Hertz Reservations Office at 800-654-3080 if you have a question about whether Hertz will accept your card.

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Hertz #1 Club
Hertz #1 Club membership is FREE and provides multiple benefits that save members time and money.  Simply complete the membership application by providing required rental information, e.g., billing address, payment method, preferred car category, optional coverage's, CDP #, etc.  Hertz #1 Club speeds up the reservation process…all the renter has to do is provide their #1 club number, note where and when they want to go and what type of car they want to drive. Hertz #1 Club members can also enjoy Hertz Express Service® at hundreds of locations around the world.  When members arrive at Hertz Express Counters all they need to do is quote their Hertz #1 Club number, show their driver's license and credit card, sign the pre-pared rental agreement and go.  In addition, members can reserve specific brand and model for weekly and weekend rentals in California and Florida locations.  Minimum age for enrolling in Hertz #1 Club is 25 (exceptions apply). 

Customers can enroll online at and soon on 

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Hertz #1 Club Gold
Hertz #1 Club Gold is the premier frequent renter program offering all the exceptional benefits of #1 Club (including never having to repeat required rental information) PLUS the speed and convenience of bypassing the rental counter.  (Minimum 2 hour advance reservation required.)
At over 40 of the world's busiest airports, renters' name and pre-assigned car space appears on the lighted #1 Club Gold board directing renter to the vehicle containing a pre-printed rental agreement.  Vehicles are picked up and returned under weather-protected #1 Club Gold areas.  No waiting in long lines, renters simply show their drivers license at the exit gate and they are on their way.  And, at more than 1,000 locations around the world, renters simply go to the specially designated Gold Counter, show their drivers license, and pick up the car keys.  Instant return is provided by a representative who processes the return at the vehicle.  Minimum age for joining Hertz #1 Club Gold is 25 (exceptions apply). 

The key to Hertz #1 Club Gold membership is frequency.  The fee for Hertz #1 Club Gold is $60 but AAA/CAA members can enroll at a 50 per cent discount ($30) on 

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Covered Rental and Return
Rain, sleet, or snow can make returning a rental car a battle with the elements. Enjoy the convenience of renting and returning your Hertz vehicle in the comfort of a weather-protected area. When you return, a Hertz agent will be waiting to give you an Instant Return receipt before you even leave your vehicle. At many Return Centers, a Hertz Easy Access bus will speed you to your terminal.

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Hertz Instant Return & Express Return
Running late? Hertz offers credit card customers the convenience of Instant Return at most major airport locations. You'll get a finalized receipt before you even leave the car. You'll avoid counter lines and be on your way in minutes. In addition, credit card customers can simply note on the rental folder the vehicle mileage, gas gauge reading and whether fuel was purchased at time of rental. Then time stamp the folder and deposit in the convenient Express Return box in the car return area or on the Hertz courtesy bus. Rental charges will be applied to the charge card you present at time of rental, and a copy of the charges will be mailed to you the next business day.

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Emergency Roadside Assistance
Each vehicle is serviced and cared for individually to make sure that every Hertz car always looks and performs like new. Frequent inspections and a thorough maintenance program also help keep Hertz cars safe and trouble-free.

Occasionally, however, something may occur and your Hertz rental car may need service while you're traveling. If you need help 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, just dial 1-800-654-5060 from anywhere in the United States or Canada, and a representative of the Hertz Emergency Roadside Assistance Center will make arrangements for you to be on your way with as little down time as possible. 24 Hour Roadside Assistance is another service Hertz provides to help make certain that your trip runs smoothly from the minute you pick up your keys until you drop off your car and head for home.

Hertz Emergency Roadside Assistance provided by AAA.

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NeverLost On-Line Trip Planning
Now it’s easier than ever to plan your next trip ahead of time, right from your home or office. NeverLost Online Trip Planning offers Hertz customers this valuable travel tool to save you time and make your travels more enjoyable:

Create your own personalized trips using valuable resource information NeverLost provides such as:

  • Addresses/intersections
  • Restaurants
  • Sports venues/convention centers
  • National Parks
  • Hertz locations
Additionally, it provides top destination and attraction information for your traveling area which is made available to you in a presorted list to make your trip planning even easier. It can even store your own personal address lists.

Save your planned trip to any USB Flash Drive and bring it along with you.

Go plug your USB Flash Drive into the USB port on your NeverLost unit and off you go!

Knowing where you are going ahead of time, will give you peace of mind and a great trip ahead.

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NeverLost®, Hertz' in-car navigational system
At many U.S. and Canadian locations, enjoy the convenience and security of Hertz' in-car navigational system, NeverLost. Mounted right in your vehicle, a video console shows you exactly where you are at all times. It can calculate your best route to any address you request; from hotels, restaurants, businesses, and attractions to your Aunt Millie's house. It guides you with turn-by-turn commands as you drive along your route — using on-screen turn icons as well as audible voice prompts, so you can keep your eyes on the road. You'll never be lost again! Neverlost also exclusively features the AAA Tourbook® ratings for hotels, restaurants and attractions.

AAA members pay only $6.99 per day for the use of NeverLost in U.S. and Canada.

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State-of-the-Art Low Floor Shuttle Buses
If you think airport courtesy buses are all alike, you haven't seen the new Hertz Easy Access bus available at many Hertz airport locations. The low-floor design means there's only one short step to climb, so you board the bus more easily — especially with luggage or small children. An electronically operated ramp provides easy wheelchair access. Doorways are extra-wide, aisles are wider and roomier, and a handy waist-high luggage rack eliminates the need to reach up for overhead luggage. It's a welcome relief for anyone carrying heavy bags or traveling with small children.

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Services for Physically Challenged
Hertz provides a wide range of special services to make traveling easier and more convenient for physically challenged customers.

  • Accessible Parking - All Hertz U.S. locations provide designed accessible parking at return areas. Customers are asked to bring there International Symbol of Access (ISA) parking credentials with them.
  • Easy Access Bus - Customers using wheelchairs will enjoy Hertz' Easy Access bus which provides an electrically operated ramp, as well as two ADA-compliant wheelchair positions. Wider doors, spacious aisles and waist-high luggage racks are also designed to make traveling easier and more comfortable.
  • Hand Controls & Spinner Knobs - At most U.S. locations, Hertz offers vehicles equipped with hand controls (left or right-hand controls) and steering wheel spinner knobs are available at no additional charge.
  • Telephone Service for the Hearing Challenged - the Hertz Worldwide Reservation Center can be contacted using the Telephone Device for the Deaf (TDD). Just call toll-free 1-800-654-2280.
  • Drivers for the Visually or Physically Challenged - Drivers who hold a valid and acceptable driver's license and are at least 25 years of age may be permitted to drive a Hertz car rented by a person who is visually or physically challenged and does not drive. Certain restrictions may apply, check for details at time of reservation.
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Hertz Green Collection
Hertz is committed to saving the environment. With the Hertz Green Collection, you can drive economically and do something good for the environment at the same time. You can reserve the exact make and model of any of the vehicles in the Green Collection, like the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Buick LaCrosse, Hyundai Sonata, and the Subaru Outback or choose from more than 3,400 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles.

There are more than 35,000 environmentally friendly vehicles in the Green Collection and all have an EPA highway fuel efficiency rating of 28 miles or more per gallon. And most cars carry EPA's SmartWay certification which indicates lower emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases.

The new Toyota Prius vehicles are available for rent at 50 major airport locations as well as New York.  At least one hundred of the vehicles will be designated specifically for Hertz' Manhattan fleet.  Known for their high fuel-efficiency and low greenhouse gas emissions, the hybrids are particularly effective in stop-and-go city driving such as in New York where they often operate using only their electric motors.

Hertz also rents hybrid vehicles in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.K. 

Hertz now has 105,000 EPA SmartWay certified cars in its fleet. More than 65 percent of Hertz rental cars achieve 28 miles per gallon or greater fuel efficiency and 42.4 percent achieve 34 miles per gallon. Reserve, conserve, preserve.

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Hertz Prestige Collection
Hertz offers a new level of luxury car rental service with the Hertz Prestige Collection, an exclusive program that combines several makes and models including Lincoln, Infinity, Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac and Volvo, with Hertz' exclusive customer services. The Prestige Collection is available in 38 U.S. markets and 3 Canadian locations including:

Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers/Naples, Houston, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York Airports, Manhattan (2), Miami, Orange County, CA, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (OR), Raleigh, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, Washington, DC and West Palm Beach. In Canada, the program is available in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

AAA member discounts apply to Prestige Collections rental rates.

Below are the quality service components offered with the Hertz Premier Collection program:

  • Ability to reserve specific models of Lincoln, Infinity, Mercedes, Audi, Cadillac and Volvo
  • Dedicated, on-site staffing will be available to answer questions and assist customers
  • Free pick-up and return from suburban hotels and resorts within a 15 mile radius of Hertz
  • Vehicles are parked in a weather protected, identified area
  • Special area at for information on the Collection vehicles, services and locations
  • Expedited return service
  • Complimentary NeverLost®, Hertz' in-car navigational system and either SIRIUS® or XM® radio in all HPC vehicles
  • One year fee-waived membership in Hertz #1 Club Gold®
  • AAA Hertz #1 Club Gold member, when reserved by phone with a Hertz reservation agent, you can arrange to have Driving Directions ready and waiting in your Prestige vehicle.
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Hertz Fun Collection
The Hertz Fun Collection offers a unique line of fun, sporty cars that can turn a regular car rental into an exciting driving experience. Featured vehicles are:

Convertibles Coupes/Roadsters
Ford Mustang Ford Mustang (hardtop)
Mazda Miata Chrysler PT Cruiser
Toyota Solara Chevy HHR
Chrysler PT Cruiser Nissan 350Z
Chrysler Sebring Mustang Shelby GT-H

MidSize SUV

Large SUV
Ford Escape XLT Sport Hummer H3
Jeep Wrangler
Nissan Murano

More than 8,000 Fun Collection vehicles are available at selected airport locations in sun and ski destinations across North America including the following locations:



Phoenix, AZ Ft. Lauderdale, FL Denver
Ft. Myers, FL
Burbank Orlando Las Vegas
Los Angeles Tampa
Oakland West Palm Beach
Orange County
San Diego HAWAII
San Francisco Honolulu(Oahu Apt)
San Jose Maui

Fun Collection vehicles are equipped with SIRIUS XM Radio®.

As with vehicles in the Hertz Prestige Collection and Hertz' Brand and Model Reservability Program, every brand and model in the Fun Collection can be specifically reserved and guaranteed.

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Affordable Europe - The Best of Europe in One Package
The Hertz Affordable Europe Program brings you special savings for your leisure rentals all across Europe.

Hertz is your passport to Europe with advantages like:

  • Guaranteed low, competitive rates
  • Free unlimited mileage
  • No charges for cancellations
  • 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Toll-free Affordable Europe Customer Helpline
  • Immediate confirmation of cars with automatic transmission in gateway cities
  • Free hotel delivery and collection within many European cities
  • Free drop-offs between major cities within the country of rental with the Rent-It-Here/Leave-It-There program
  • Instant Return Service to speed drop-off time, available in most European cities
  • Free detailed maps and newly enhanced Driving Directions throughout Europe
  • Over 2,000 convenient locations on 40 countries
Please note: The Affordable Europe program is for North American residents only.
Flexible payment options are offered:
Affordable Europe Prepaid
  • You pay at the time of booking locking in the rate in US Dollars.
  • You can choose to prepay Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, Value Added Tax, and mandatory taxes and fees.
Affordable Europe Non-Prepaid
  • You pay at pickup counter.
  • Rates are guaranteed in local currency.
For reservations and information regarding the Affordable Europe program, please contact your AAA travel agent or Hertz reservations at:
  • In the U.S., please call International Reservations: 1-800-654-3001
  • In Canada, please call International reservations: 1-800-263-0600
  • Toronto Residents please call international reservations: 1-800-654-3001
  • En Francais: 1-800-263-0678
Affordable Europe Rates are available in 40 countries:
Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia.

Access the Hertz Toll-Free Affordable Europe Helpline 24 Hours a Day!
While traveling in Europe you can call to obtain general country information, get roadside assistance, or even check local rules of the road! Help is just a toll-free phone call away...24 hours a day! Just call 0 800 11 91 911 911 from anywhere in Europe.
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International facilities with English-speaking personnel
All Hertz international locations offer English-speaking personnel to assist customers with the rental process, provide driving directions, etc.

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Cellular phone rentals
Never be out of touch. At select international locations, through independent providers, Hertz offers fully portable, lightweight, simple-to-use cellular phones. Phones may be reserved in advance; callers pay for calling-time with a minimum usage fee. In-car cellular phones are also available in many Hertz vehicles.

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Tune in to original music streams from R & B to classical masterpieces, cool jazz, hot Latin, reggae, rock and country; sports play-by-play, world-class news and the best in entertainment, talk and comedy, especially for women, family and kids, traffic and weather. From Howard Stern to Martha Stewart, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and in between, there's something for everyone.

AAA members receive a 50% discount off the standard $5.00 per day or $20 per week fee plus tax for SIRUS XM. All Hertz Fun Collection vehicles are equipped with SIRIUS XM Radio®. Advance reservations are required and SIRIUS is subject to availability at over 50 Hertz locations in the U.S.

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Wayport Wi-Fi World

Now you can connect to Wayport's Wi-Fi Internet access at select Hertz
airport locations.

Hertz #1 Club Gold® members will also be able to connect in their vehicle from the #1 Club Gold rental area.Send and receive important messages, download email, search the Web and access local online services, all at the fastest speeds.

Hertz and Wayport bring you reliable, high-speed connectivity for a low per connect price. Pricing options through Wayport also include monthly and annual membership options and prepaid card services, which give mobile travelers Wi-Fi access in nearly 7,000 locations, including more than 700 hotels, six major airports, McDonald's, Hertz and other top retail brands nationwide.*

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Nick on the Go
Preloaded with more than 40 hours of top programming from Nickelodeon and Nick Jr., including popular episodes from SpongeBob SquarePants, Drake & Josh, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Danny Phantom, El Tigre, The Fairly OddParents, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius, All Grown Up, Catscratch, Rugrats, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The X's, Unfabulous and Zoey 101.  Preschoolers can view Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues, Blue's Room and The Wonder Pets!.

  • Nick on the Go is currently available at Hertz® airport locations in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Burbank, Charlotte, Chicago Midway, Chicago O'Hare, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, Newark, New York (JFK and LaGuardia), Oakland, Ontario (California), Orange County, Orlando, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland (Oregon), Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa and Washington DC (Reagan and Dulles).
  • Portable unit allows one or more people to enjoy in a Hertz® rental car or anywhere.
  • Touch screen provides easy navigation and use.
  • Seat mount, long-life battery, car charger, wall charger – all in one convenient carrying case.
  • Programming and content will be regularly refreshed to meet the needs of frequent renters.
  • Be sure to select Nick on the Go, located in the Extras section, during your reservation.
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Hertz Local Edition (HLE)
Whether you're entertaining business associates and require a larger car, or don't want to put miles on your car for a weekend getaway--choose Hertz Local Edition for your local car rental needs.

At the more than 1,400 Hertz Local Edition locations across the United States, Hertz offers Fast Customer Pick-Up and Return Service. All you need to do is call Hertz and they will come and get you at your home or office. Pick-Up/Return service is available with a one hour advance notice and within 15 minutes from the Hertz Local Edition location. Contact the location to arrange for Pick-Up service.

Hertz Local Edition locations offer the same things you're used to getting from Hertz at the airport. Except closer. Like the same great cars and reliable service, the AAA discounts and benefits you're used to, and AAA promotional offers. Hertz Local Edition continues to expand in neighborhoods across the country, making it even easier for you to rent a car near your home or office.

In addition, when your car is in the shop, Hertz Local Edition can help you get back on the road. Hertz offers special insurance replacement rates and direct billing to insurance companies. Call your local office for details

Why should you rent a car at Hertz Local Edition locations? Let's count the reasons!

  • Driving vacation planned? Avoid adding high vacation miles to your personal vehicle and spending needed vacation funds to have your vehicle serviced before your trip
  • Avoid adding mileage to your leased vehicle with mileage caps.
  • Friend or relatives visiting? Give them the freedom of taking in all the sites and attractions without feeling they are imposing on you.
  • Special occasion coming up? Rent a luxurious Lincoln or Volvo or a sporty Jaguar and attend that special event in style…graduation, wedding, class reunion, or a night on the town all call for a special vehicle.
  • Weekend Getaway in the works? Get away from it all in Hertz Fun Collection vehicle. Hit the beach or the mountain in a fun Toyota Solara or Ford Mustang convertible. Enjoy the rugged Jeep Wrangler or Hummer H3. Take a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to drive the exciting, collectible Shelby Mustang GT-H, available only from Hertz!
  • Thinking about buying a new car? Give it a trial run before you buy!
  • Need a larger vehicle for special project? Maybe to impress business clients, to carry sports equipment or additional passengers, etc.
  • Need a smaller vehicle than your personal vehicle? Price of gas a concern…rent an economical economy or compact car for your trip.
  • Personal vehicle in the shop for service or repair? Hertz Local Edition can help you get back on the road.
  • Need Emergency Road Service? Request a Hertz car as a replacement vehicle. Hertz offers special insurance replacement rates and direct billing to insurance companies.
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Hertz offers PlatePass® for toll roads!!!

Avoid slow toll lanes and traffic getting in your way when you use PlatePass®. PlatePass® is currently available in the 12 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, Florida, Colorado, Texas and Northern California Bay area. Specific locations are listed below.

In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, PlatePass® works with transponders which are small devices that affix to the windshield below the rearview mirror. This device allows you to use the EZ Pass and I Pass lanes.

All of our vehicles in Florida, Colorado, Texas, the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California are PlatePass® enabled. There is no need to sign up or reserve anything. If you would like to use the cashless toll lanes all you have to do is drive through. In this area, your rental car license plate acts as the transponder.

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