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Courtesy Counts
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    AAA Traffic Safety offers brochures for Road Rage and Defensive Driving
    Are you an aggressive driver?
    Bring Back the Wave
    Defensive Driving
    Managing Visibility, Time and Space
    Defensive Driving
    Defensive driving requires that you manage visibility, time and space while driving in traffic. This can help reduce the risk of a collision.
    20- to 30-Second Visual Lead Time
    You need adequate "visual" lead time to choose a safe path of travel and ...
    2- to 3-Second Following Distance
    In all driving situations, the best way to avoid potential dangers is to position your vehicle where ...
    The 4- to 5-Second Rule
    The 2- to 3-second following distance works if you have to stop suddenly because the driver ahead brakes to stop.
    Alternate Paths of Travel
    When driving, you should identify an immediate path of travel.
    Although we expect other drivers to behave in an appropriate manner, we cannot depend on them always to drive as expected. That's why it's essential to practice visibility, time and space management to achieve efficient driving performance.

    For the complete "Defensive Driving: Managing Visibility, Time and Space" brochure, order here.