Do Your Suffer from Vacation Procrastination?

Throughout the course of the year, there are many ailments that come and go with the seasons. You're familiar with the erratic Spring Fever and the lowly Winter Blues, but you probably aren't properly acquainted with the elusive Vacation Procrastination (VP). Although preventable, VP can be difficult to diagnose and oftentimes goes ignored—in fact, that's the dilemma. You're minding your own business, going about your normal routine when, before you know it, something clicks. You glance at your calendar, notice it's summer and recoil with grief and disbelief as you realize you don't have a vacation booked. Almost immediately you'll notice an increase in heart rate, hot flashes and lightheadedness. This sudden onset of anxiety is an early sign that you've come down with a case of VP.

While you may experience additional symptoms such as panic, depression and self-loathing, take comfort in knowing your condition is treatable—and curable in most cases. Depending on how early you are diagnosed, there are a number of time-honored cures for your case. Though treatable, this affliction won't be cured by vaccines, pills or potions. Nursing VP will require resourcefulness, creativity and—take a deep breath, relax—that very calendar that sent you on this downward spiral.

At any rate, here are a few proven remedies to alleviate your rapidly spreading case of Vacation Procrastination.

Cruise to a Cure
Directions: A fantastic solution for many cases of VP, a cruise vacation allows you to customize everything from destination and travel dates to excursions and entertainment. With ships sailing several times each week, it's easy to find a cruise that fits your schedule and taste. And because lodging and dining are usually included, this option will help you consolidate that last-minute budget.

Side Effects: Fun in the sun, tropical breezes, a fresh suntan.

Build a Break
Directions: This solution requires you to get your hands dirty. Build up some courage, grab that calendar, and seek out a few free weekends. While it may be too late in the game to plan an international tour for the family, it isn't too late to create a couple mini vacations. Rather than using all of your vacation days at once, try dividing them up into a few weekends. Depending on your allotment, you can create two or three long weekends to travel with the family. For an extra kick, try planning around Independence Day and Labor Day.

Side Effects: Shorter work weeks, multiple vacations this year.

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