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As editor of Going Places magazine and our online community, I've heard a lot of interesting feedback from folks about AAA...and some intriguing questions. Surprisingly, with the volume of phone calls, blogs, mail and emails I receive, you'd think I'd primarily receive various complaints. But actually, most of the correspondence is fascinating, occasionally amusing and often enlightening.

Here are some excerpts—and responses. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.
*Some member comments have been edited or modified for space.

Mom Can't Drive
"My mother was just diagnosed with macular degeneration and can no longer drive. I'm writing to let you know I need to cancel her AAA membership." —Mark V. via email

EDITOR'S NOTES: I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. When someone can no longer drive, it's often the best time to make sure they have AAA. Many people don't realize that their AAA card travels with them, not their if your mom's riding with others, help is still just a phone call matter whose car she's in. She may also want to take advantage of AAA's Prescription Savings program. It's free for members.

Wedded Bliss
"For our wedding, my aunt got my wife and me a AAA membership. I thought, 'How lame!'...until we broke down on our honeymoon. I just wanted to say thanks. Without AAA, it could have been a chilly night!" —TJ S. via blog

EDITOR'S NOTES: AAA's Emergency Road Service provides all kinds of help on the road...from "Outta gas" to flat tires and lockouts. Plus you'll want to take advantage of all of the member savings you receive simply by showing your AAA card. It's a great way to save on vacation—or even a honeymoon!

Dog Gone!
"I just renewed my AAA Plus membership today for my wife and I. The problem is, our new puppy chewed up the card that came with my renewal. Can I get another?" —Frank K. via email

EDITOR'S NOTES: Absolutely...It appears he has good taste! For online services, you can visit 24/7 to order duplicate cards, change your email address, select preferences, add family members and more. Click on the My Account link at the top.

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