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Most people find it easier to choose insurance based on price.1

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When you choose insurance products based on price alone, you may be more vulnerable to being underinsured.1



AAA offers a free Triple Check to help you understand your insurance coverage – from any company – and get all eligible discounts.2






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Saving money on your insurance premium is great, but saving money when you have a claim is when it really counts.

Did You Know?

  • Increasing your Property Damage Coverage on your auto policy from the minimum of $50K to $100K can cost as little as $13* per year.
  • Having Underinsured Motorist Coverage on your auto policy can save you thousands in the event of an accident.
  • Adding Full Glass Coverage for an average of $33 will cover a new windshield with no deductible.*

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1 Accenture. (2016). Coming to Terms with Insurance Aggregators: Global lessons for carriers.

2 Discounts apply to select coverages only and vary by state and insurance company. Not all discounts available in each state.

*Example rates apply to GA. Full Glass Coverage is not applicable in FL. Rates vary by state and coverage. This summary is intended to provide general information concerning an insurance policy and is not complete. All coverages are subject to the limits of liability, conditions and other terms of the policy form and endorsements.

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